The Buffet way – A smart and simple way in Stock Investing

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Time: Wednesday, 27 June & 25 July 2018
Lokasi: Jakarta


2, 404, 748 %. That’s the increase of share value created by Warren Buffett for all Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders in the last 50 years. For each USD 1.000 invested, he turned it into USD 24.04 millions. His tremendous success has shown the excellence of his investing principles. They have been tested by the time. So what does it take to follow in his footsteps? What are his investing principles? What can we learn from him? Can we apply his investing principles and use them to construct our own stock portfolio? Take this opportunity to learn from Joeliardi Sunendar, a very keen and devoted student of Buffettology : A Smart and Simple Way in Stock Investing. For more than 30 years he has invested in the world stock-exchanges guided by what he learnt from Warren Buffett’s investing principles. As well as other value investors such as Peter Lynch, Howards Marks, Joel GreenBlatt, and Scott Klarman, He also has the privillege to get first hand information from Buffett himself everytime he attended the Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha for many years.

Seminar Modules:

  1. Equity Investing – The Basic
  2. Buffett – The SuperInvestor
  3. The Buffett Way – A smart and simple way in Stock Investing
  4. Understanding why Buffett choose the respective stocks in his portfolio
  5. Applying Buffett’s investment principles in Indonesia and other major stock-markets
  6. Is the Buffett’s Way the only way to succeed in stock investing?


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